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Know facts about the cemetery marker and choose the right one

Published: April 1, 2019

You have done everything to your abilities, in order to pay tribute to the deceased you and your family just lost. You all gathered together to pray for his soul to rest in peace. Chanted some words of honor to mark the valour with which he lived his life. But have you thought about the marker to his grave?

A marker, or better to call it a cemetery marker, is a permanent way of paying tribute to the loved one you just lost. Putting the same on the grave marks a ground for dead and for generations to come this positioning remains unaltered.

There are just a few rules to buy or make a marker, read on to find about them:

What to choose at the shape of the marker

To broadly classify, there are only two types of markers. One that expands on the breadth and sits on the ground giving more of an impression of a box and secondly are the most common pillar like markers which expand above the ground along the length. The former is short and can sometimes be used in a lateral position right on the grave. But before you decide on the shape do enquire with your cemetery regarding the types they allow, many cemeteries to observe uniformity in terms of the markers.

Choose the material

Markers are majorly made of granite, bronze. Since historical times, bronze has been used in ample for markers. The copper and tin composition of this alloy makes for a strong foundation and gives a more traditional and royal appearance to the marker. But you can rest assure and pick any material without a thought, as both materials are capable enough to withstand weathering and does not experience wear and tear even when put on the grave for decades all together.


You have the best interest of the deceased in your heart and you know that the marker will stand as a reminder to each one passing his grave, reminding them of the life the deceased led. It will stand unshaken as a testimony to his achievements. Choose the marker keeping these right thoughts in mind and then it is bound to get easier for you to pick the right one!

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